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    • 30 Jul 2024
    • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • online, via Zoom


    July 30, 2024

    11:00am-1:00pm Central

    Live, online via Zoom

    Please join us for a very special nonbinary panel! Panelists will discuss prepared topics for the first part of the training and later answer participant's questions. We're so lucky they're sharing their experience and expertise.


    The nonbinary panel will provide insight into the real life dynamics some nonbinary folks experience in their personal and professional lives. Topics will include gender identity development, professional dynamics, the intersecting experience of gender, sexual orientation, relationship structure, etc., as well as day-to-day experiences as a nonbinary person. 


    Participants will:

    1. Be exposed to a variety of nonbinary identities and narratives. The panelists represent many, yet certainly not all, nonbinary experiences (see note below*)

    2. Increase competencies regarding dynamics experienced and language used by many nonbinary folks

    3. Increase collaboration skills and abilities with nonbinary clients and professionals

    *Social location/points of view represented

    The six panelists and host are all White and in their 20’s through 60’s. Some neurodiversity is represented. Some religious differences are represented (atheist, agnostic, one Christian, one Buddhist, and one ex-vangelical pagan-adjacent person). One panelist identifies as disabled. One panelist is in substance abuse recovery. Several panelists are parents or becoming parents. A couple panelists identify as fat. Panelists represent various sexual orientations and relate to/experience their nonbinary identity in different ways. 

    PANELISTS (in alphabetical order)

    Rae Bowerman 

    Rae Bowerman (they/them) is the owner and therapist at GENEX Therapeutic Solutions, LLC, the Midwest's Gender-Expansive Resource for Therapy, Consulting, Training, and Education. At GENEX, Rae's areas of focus are (but are not limited to) gender, sex, and sexuality in the Queer community, consent language education/kink, and the intersectionality of queerness and "neurospiciness". Rae utilizes trauma-informed modalities in their psychotherapy work, prioritizing an overarching gender-expansive awareness, respect, and validation. Rae believes the key to a solid, productive, trusting therapeutic relationship comes from acknowledging each patient as unique and the expert of their own experiences; this is the foundation of each and every interaction at GENEX. As a person in their 40s raised in the Midwest who identifies as trans/non-binary/genderqueer/genderfluid, Rae's lived experience is one of the most significant motivating factors in their work as a psychotherapist. Rae's first language is spoken English and they are also fluent in American Sign Language, having been an interpreter for 23+ years with extensive experience in behavioral health and medical settings. Rae is a member of The Midwest LGBT Chamber of Commerce, The Kansas City Queer Affirming Therapist Guild, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, and ASAN (The Autistic Self Advocacy Network).  

    Brittany Frazier

    Brittany (she/they) is a non-binary person living in Kansas City, Missouri. They provide individual therapy in Overland Park and Lawrence, KS, in private practice under Interpersonal Psychiatry. They are a newly minted licensed specialist clinical social worker (LSCSW) with a bachelor’s degree in psychology (emphasis developmental disabilities) from Pittsburg State University and a masters degree in social work from KU. Brittany has many years of experience working in non-profit agencies and other social work settings, including previous focuses on child development, maternal depression, developmental disabilities, healthcare access, domestic violence, and clients mandated to therapy through the legal system. They currently work with adults of all types with an emphasis on healing underlying trauma, primarily using EMDR, somatic strategies and an Internal Family Systems-informed approach. They also use the lens of the social work perspective to explore how systemic oppression and inequity contribute to and perpetuate our mental health struggles as individuals and as a society. Brittany’s approach encourages authenticity in both therapist and client, and intersectional identities including queerness, neurodiversity, disability, fatness, racial or cultural identity, spirituality, class, etc are acknowledged, welcomed, accommodated and recognized for their strengths, as applicable. Brittany was raised as an evangelical Christian in a rural, conservative part of Missouri. They have long since left Christianity, but return to their place of origin regularly to see family and friends, and to commune with nature. They love being outdoors, especially in or near water, hiking, kayaking, playing games of the yard and board variety, live music, dancing and singing, yoga, learning, art of all types, community & cultural events, goblincore aesthetics, and general novel experiences. 

    Candice N. Moran

    Dr. Candice N. Moran (they/them) is a queer, nonbinary, fat, AuDHD, disabled, white, mom of twins, who serves as a Health Services Psychologist at KU Medical Center providing therapeutic services to future healthcare providers. Candice serves as co-facilitator of PRISM, an affinity group at KU Medical Center that brings together faculty, staff and students to advocate for LGBTQIA+ individuals through goals including enhanced visibility, allyship, and empowering conversations. In addition to their clinical work, Candice engages in frequent DEI work at the medical center, striving to make the healthcare environments more affirming, inclusive, and accessible to folx (clients and healthcare providers) historically excluded from these spaces. Candice also brings to this conversation the experience of being the parent of elementary-aged nonbinary and gender diverse kids and navigating the medical, legal, psychological, and educational environments to advocate for their twins (who have given permission for Candice to discuss their identities and experiences in educational and advocacy settings). In addition to their on-campus work, Candice has consulted on best practices, creating affirming environments, culturally informed suicide prevention, and LGBTQIA+ health disparities with schools, higher education institutions, domestic violence agencies, and health care facilities locally and state-wide. 

    Dani Novo
    Dani (ey or they) is a social worker and therapist in private practice in KS. Ey works with adults, teens, and parents to overcome the challenges of living, while queer or loving someone who is. Dani is nonbinary, trixic, trans, post-op, AMAB, white, agnostic, 53 years-old, a parent, an ex-spouse, and a sibling. Eir lived experience includes existing at the pinnacle of privilege until ey came out as trans to emself at 49. Dani grew up overseas, and has worked a variety of careers, including environmental development, website design and programming, and political advocacy communications work. Ey is passionate about giving queer persons the same therapy spaces that queern’t people have always had. You can find out more at hopepunktherapy.com

    Seth Sonneville

    Reverend Seth A. Sonneville (he/him/his) is an ordained minister through the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  He serves as a Board Certified Chaplain in the Center for Wellbeing at Children’s Mercy Hospital and supports transgender patients and families in the Gender Pathways Services (GPS) Clinic.  He has authored two journal articles and will be presenting at a national chaplains conference in June on Spiritual Support of Transgender Youth in Healthcare.  Prior to serving in healthcare, Seth worked as a Food Scientist for international food manufacturing companies specializing in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs.  Seth entered the U.S. Navy at the age of 17 as a recruit and subsequently retired as a Naval Reserve Intelligence Officer.  He served 5 years on active duty before “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and was investigated twice for being gay.  While attending college full time, he served in the Naval Reserve for 15 years and achieved the rank of Lieutenant.  While holding a Top Secret Clearance for 19 years, mental health support was considered a security risk which often led to clearances being revoked.  Seth benefitted from several support modalities including pastoral counseling and spiritual direction.  Seth and his spouse had the benefit of mental health support beginning in 2016 when became aware of being transgender at the age of 56.  Seth and his spouse have been together for 35 years and married for 11.

    Ash Wilson 

    Ash (they/them) is not licensed or practicing in the mental health field, but comes to the conversation as a client. They have engaged in therapy for years as a nonbinary person and have experienced supportive and harmful treatment and environments from clinicians. Ash is currently 37, a “momma”, pregnant, married, pansexual, fat, white, and working class turned middle class. Ash currently serves as the Director of Intakes and Outreach in the Office of Civil Rights and Title IX at The University of Kansas. Prior to that, Ash served as the Director for The Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity. Additionally, they’ve worked for four years with the Kansas Suicide Prevention Lifeline supporting the chat function of the support for those experiencing suicidal ideations and those at imminent risk. 

    • 26 Sep 2024
    • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    • online, via Zoom
    Justice Oriented Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP)
    September 26, 2024
    1:00-2:30pm Central time
    online, via Zoom
    1.5 CEUs

    Please join us as we host a national speaker in the area of anxiety treatment!

    1) Describe harmful practices that have been normalized in the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) field
    2) Generate examples of traditional Exposure and Response Prevention (ERPs) vs Justice Orientated ERPs for identity-related OCD themes
    3) Provide examples of ways to generalize justice oriented practices to exposures for other anxiety disorders (e.g., social anxiety, PTSD, etc.)

    Dr. Lauren Wadsworth (she/her) is a clinical psychologist passionate about expanding access to evidence-based treatments for OCD and other anxiety disorders. She is the founder and director of the Genesee Valley Psychology (GVP), a clinic providing evidence-based treatment to the Rochester, NY area. She is also the co-founder of Twin Stars Diversity Trainers, a consultation company offering diversity and identity-related trainings for organizations and leadership. She serves as a Senior Advisor on the Anti-Racist, Justice and Health Equity team at McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School. Finally, she is a Clinical Senior Instructor in Psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

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