LGBT-Affirming Therapist Guild

Lisa Meyers presents on Betty Dodson's Bodysex workshops and how somatic interventions can be therapeutically helpful and healing

  • 18 May 2017
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • UMKC Administrative Center at 5115 Oak Street in the Brookside Conference Room


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Sexology professionals are constantly looking for innovative ways to assist clients in developing more satisfying relationships to their sexuality. A little-documented approach to addressing this need is somatic sexology. However, most sexology professionals know little about somatic, or body based, sex research and interventions. Somatic sexology has the potential to be a valuable tool for sex educators, counselors, and therapists. For example, a tennis coach would have a rather difficult time improving an individual’s game by simply talking to them about enhancing their skill set. The same could be said with somatic sexology due to the fact that teaching things that involve the body warrant embodied training.  Dr. Lisa Meyers conducted research on one specific somatic intervention called Bodysex, and she is excited to share this information so that practitioners can continue to add to the tools they offer clients. 

Lisa Meyers works with individuals, couples, and families to live their best lives. She is a licensed clinical social worker in Kansas and Missouri, and she has a thriving private practice in Kansas City. Lisa is completed a doctoral program specializing in human sexuality at Widener University in May 2015. She conducted research on female sexual pleasure for her dissertation. Lisa has been an adjunct professor at Kansas University in the Social Welfare Department, as well in the University of Missouri, Kansas City PACE Program. Lisa continues to help mold future social workers through her involvement in the Kansas University Practicum Program as a Field Liaison and Field Instructor. Lisa's approach to therapy is one that is Strengths Based, capitalizing upon each individual's capacity for growth and learning, as well as their gifts, talents, and abilities. Lisa holds strong the belief that all people possess the ability to learn, grow, and change throughout the course of their lives. Through her partnership with Dr. George Turner, Lisa co-created Turner Professional Group, a place where individuals, couples, families and work groups could come to balance, heal and transform.
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