LGBT-Affirming Therapist Guild

Welcome to Kansas City's LGBT-Affirming Therapist Guild, a not-for profit a grassroots organization of licensed mental and medical healthcare professionals. The Guild offers support and resources for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Gender-Variant, Two-Spirit, Same-Sex attracted, Asexual, Allies and other sexual minorities. 

The LGBT-Affirming Therapist Guild of Kansas City is a community-based, grassroots organization of licensed mental and medical healthcare professionals, as well as students-in-training.  We share a collaborative commitment to make affirming culturally competent healthcare available for all sexual and gender minorities based on the premise that LGBT and heterosexual identities are equally valid.

A) Promote the improvement of mental and medical healthcare services for LGBT individuals and their relationships.
B) Create an active network among LGBT-affirmative healthcare professionals and students to empower, educate, & enhance professional growth.
C) Provide consumers and practitioners with referral and information resources related to LGBT concerns.
D) Maintain our professional responsibilities to multicultural competence by embracing a commitment to:
     - Speak out against inaccurate and harmful information pertaining to LGBT individuals, their lives, and their relationships.
    - Take an active role in guaranteeing an affirming healthcare environment for LGBT individuals and their families.

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