Queer Affirming Therapist Guild

Non-Monogamy/Polyamory Panel

  • 21 Jul 2023
  • 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • UMKC Admin Center and Conference Facility, Plaza Room


Non-Monogamy/Polyamory Panel

2 CEUs

Friday, July 21st 11:00am-1:00pm

at UMKC Admin Center & Conference Facility, Plaza Room

Please join us for a panel discussion regarding therapeutic considerations when working with non-monogamous clients and relationships. This panel is in-person at UMKC and a lunch will be provided. To accommodate meal planning, registration is due by Thursday, July 13th.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will learn and practice vocabulary specific to many non-monogamous or polyamorous populations. 
  2. Participants will be introduced to relational configurations within the consensually non-monogamous umbrella. 
  3. Participants will gain insight into clinical issues associated with working with non-monogamous and polyamorous clients. 
  4. Participants will be introduced to gaps in training and education impacting non-monogamous and polyamorous clients.


Valerie Hughes (she/they) is a Professional Counselor and Clinical Supervisor at Integrated Health Counseling and an educator through The Midwest Sexual Health Institute. Their clinical work is focused on working with individuals and relationships who have experienced relational trauma and they often work with folks in LGBTQIA+, CNM/Polyam, Kink/Fetish, and Sex Worker communities. They completed a postgraduate clinical fellowship at LifeWorks Psychotherapy’s GreenHouse that focused on utilizing depth theories within these populations. In their free time, Valerie enjoys trying new restaurants, learning about foraging, reading all the fiction, and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Devonie Atchison (she/her) is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, a Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor, and a Clinical Supervisor at Open Hearts Therapy. Her specialties include relationship therapy and working with folx in the LGBTQIA+ and CNM populations. Devonie is also certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy and is a Certified Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinical Specialist. In her free time, Devonie enjoys spending time with her spouse, their children, and their new puppy. She loves to travel and go for bike rides. She also is a huge fan of psychological thriller books and an avid crocheter. 


Rae Bowerman (they/them/theirs) is the owner, founder, and therapist at GENEX Therapeutic Solutions, LLC, the Midwest's Gender-Expansive Resource for Therapy, Consulting, Training, and Education. At GENEX, Rae's areas of expertise and focus are (but not limited to) gender, sex, and sexuality. Rae utilizes trauma-informed therapeutic modalities and approaches in their psychotherapy work, prioritizing an overarching gender-expansive awareness, respect, and validation. Rae believes the key to a solid, productive, trusting therapeutic relationship comes from acknowledging each client as unique, the expert of their own experiences; this is the foundation of each and every therapeutic interaction at GENEX.
As a person in their 40s raised in the Midwest who identifies as non-binary/genderqueer/genderfluid, Rae's lived experience is one of the most significant motivating factors in their work as a psychotherapist. Rae's first language is spoken English and they are also fluent in American Sign Language, having been an interpreter for 22+ years with extensive experience in behavioral health and medical settings. Rae is a member of The Midwest LGBT Chamber of Commerce, The Kansas City LGBT Affirming Therapist Guild, and ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network). 


Chuck Franks, MA, LCSW, CST, CST-S (he/him) is an ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist and an ASSECT Certified Sex Therapist Supervisor. His work has a relational lens focusing on multidisciplinary lens. Chuck has specialty areas which include Kink, Non-Monogamy, Out-of-Control Sexual Behavior (also known as Sex/Porn Addiction or Compulsive Sexual Behavior) and he highlights sexual health principles within his sex therapy practice. One of his passions is understanding how medical conditions interact with sexual functioning hindering individuals pursuit of pleasure. 

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