LGBT-Affirming Therapist Guild

Upcoming events

    • 12 Mar 2019
    • 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
    • UMKC Administrative Center at 5115 Oak Street in the Brookside Conference Room.

    Lunch and Learn CE Event

    *Box lunch is included*

    Becoming a Resilient Leader:

    This is an introduction to a brain-based leadership model that takes both a reflective and practical approach to cultivating leadership skills in five key areas of functionality. In this introductory session we will be begin examining relationship and leadership mindsets. Interested participants will be invited to continue the journey by participating in a leadership series designed to cultivate resilient leaders.

    About Michelle Graff:

    Michelle is the owner and executive officer of Cultivating Human Resiliency, an organization that provides professional training and organizational development services for human service organizations.  Michelle has worked with children and families impacted by trauma for more than twenty years in a variety of capacities, including professional and program development and agency leadership. Michelle is also an experienced trainer and consultant utilizing her expertise in child welfare, organizational leadership and trauma informed care. She has worked with human service leaders both locally and nationally to cultivate resiliency and improve outcomes for children and families.

Past events

12 Feb 2019 Helping Transgender Clients in Transition: A Counselor’s Guide
08 Dec 2018 Self-Defense Training for LGBTQ Adults (free event)
21 Sep 2018 Managing Compassion Fatigue: Self Care for the Care-Giver
17 Aug 2018 The Impact of Microaggressions on the Nervous System: Outcomes and Treatment Approaches
15 Jul 2018 Intimate Dinner with Doug Braun-Harvey
19 May 2018 Guild Social
19 Apr 2018 Utilizing Music Therapy with LGBTQI clients
15 Mar 2018 How The Mankind Project
15 Feb 2018 LGBTQ Affirming Guild Meeting
30 Nov 2017 Exploring Erotic Transference and Countertransference
21 Sep 2017 Scott Wescott: Sex Offender treatment issues and conceptualizing
20 Jul 2017 Kyle Danner Presents on Marketing your Practice
09 Jul 2017 Joe Kort Presentation and Reception
18 May 2017 Lisa Meyers presents on Betty Dodson's Bodysex workshops and how somatic interventions can be therapeutically helpful and healing
16 Mar 2017 March 16th 2017
19 Jan 2017 Introduction to Neurobehavioral Programs by Jude LaClarie
15 Dec 2016 Creating a safer inclusive medical community in Kansas City
17 Nov 2016 Out of Control Sexual Behavior: Reconceptualizing Sex Addiction
20 Oct 2016 Training and Planning
15 Sep 2016 September CEU: Trauma-Informed and LGBTQ Culturally-Competent Care
18 Aug 2016 August Monthly Meeting
16 Jun 2016 June Self Care and Planning Meeting
27 May 2016 BDSM and Intimate Partner Violence Training
19 May 2016 May CEU Meeting- Growing and Sustaining Our LGBT Families
21 Apr 2016 April 21st Case Consultation 2016
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