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    • 29 Jul 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • (online synchronous, via Zoom)

    Ethics: Applying an Intersectional Lens to Trauma in the Black LGBTQI+ Community

    3 CEUS



    While there is immense power in being both a person of color and LGBTQI+, having multiple marginalized identities can magnify discrimination and increase susceptibility to traumatic experiences. Supportive parents, professionals and communities are essential. 

    The Multiple Minority Stress Model provides ethical guidance to therapists working with Black LGBTQI+ clients. Participants will learn the importance of practicing cultural humility to engage conversations and strategies for healing that are both trauma responsive and person centered.  Through this workshop, participants will recognize the importance of applying an intersectional lens to the unique experiences of Black LGBTQI+ people.



    • Utilize the Minority Stress Model to better understand trauma experienced by Black LGBTQI+ people, specifically focusing on health outcomes, suicide and community violence  
    • Define cultural humility and its ethical application to providing trauma responsive and person-centered healing spaces
    • Understand the role of parents, professionals and the overall community in serving as a protective factor and actions to advance equity and justice with Black LGBTQI+ clients
    • Debunk the focus of individual resilience and recognize how ecological context promotes well-being


    For the past 25 years Crystal has been driven by her personal experiences of trauma to educate, advocate, and amplify the voices of individuals and communities in order to promote healing and opportunities to move from surviving to thriving. Crystal helps individuals heal from their personal traumas and work alongside professionals to create trauma informed, culturally inclusive and person-centered spaces.  Her experiences include advocacy within the child welfare system; oversight of child and youth programs; crisis hotline response; delivery of community based mental health services and implementing trauma informed strategies and programs for school districts.  She has been called upon to provide training, coaching and consultation across the nation in the subject areas of Human Trafficking, Suicide Prevention, Motivational Interviewing, Child Trauma & Maltreatment and Racial Trauma.  She is a fierce advocate for social justice and leads courageously to dismantle oppressive systems and create equitable and just services, policies and programs. Crystal offers numerous trainings through

    • 11 Oct 2022
    • 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    • online, synchronous, via Zoom

    Building Queer Families: Conception, Emotional & Legal Issues, and Resources

    1.5 CEUs


    There are many factors to consider when folks want to grow their families. These issues are compounded for queer (LGBTQIA+) families. This session will discuss the decisions many queer families make in order to grow. While the financial burden can be a deciding factor, the business of creating children when not all families have the biological pieces needed to easily reproduce is often daunting. In addition, the legal challenges once a child has been born complicate the process further.


    Learning Objectives:

    1. Define conception/family growth methods utilized by queer families. Explore benefits and resources for each method.

    2. Discuss legal barriers and challenges to queer family growing

    3. Explore the unique struggles that creating queer families can present

    4. Identify resources for queer families and folks assisting queer folks

    5. Discuss the challenges of donor conception


    Presenter Biography:

    Ashley Haden-Peaches (she/her) has been working in social services for 11 years with community-based health care being among her priorities. She graduated from KU with a Masters in Social Work in 2013. Ashley has been working at Sam Rodgers Health Center since 2016 where she currently manages the Community Health Worker program. Since starting at Rodgers, she has become a Doula, Lactation Consultant and Child Birth Educator.  She has a passion for lactation and supporting people who want to breast/chest/bodyfeed. Ashley has experience helping queer and/or non-gestational parents to induce lactation so that they may also nurse their baby. When she's not working, doulaing, providing lactation support to families or teaching lactation and childbirth education classes, she is spending time with her wife and 2 young children, exploring Kansas City.

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